Our Top 5 Picks for National Girlfriend's Day

Tue, 2017-07-25

Did you know that National Girlfriend’s Day this year falls on 1st August? Or did you even know there's such a day? If you didn't, it's ok - we didn't know either.

But now that we all know that there's another day for the men to celebrate and show their love for their special lady, girlfriends around the world can rejoice because they get to be officially doted on for an extra day.

At Blithe & Merry, we believe that every lady deserves to get a present they love which also reflects her personality. What gift can be more personal and intimate than that?

Which is why we've created this gift guide - to help clueless boyfriends with their gifting quest, and for girlfriends to stand up and show their men what they want.


1. The Statement-Making Lady

For the outspoken lady that enjoys being the centre of attention in the room, our Tribal Bib Statement Necklace is a sure hit with her. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that is bold and head-turning, two perfect words to describe the statement-making lady.

2. The Feminine Lady

Nothing oozes femininity like the colour pink does. A perfect choice for your feminine lady is the Hook Clasp and Triangle Plate Leather Cuff in Pink - not only does it fit her personality, it will pair well with most of her outfits too.

3. The Edgy Lady

The edgy lady is bold, expressive, and shows her individuality like nobody else. Your best bet on the perfect present? The Black Lionhead Doorknocker Leather Cuff is just the right piece to show her strong personality.

4. The Easy-going Lady

If your girlfriend tends to favour casual wear, we have the ultimate gift to match her relaxed and easy-going personality. If she's usually in classic blouses and denim bottoms, this is the collection for her.


5. The Fun & Sassy Girl

We all know that one girl that is always having fun and is a little bit sassy. This lady cannot be represented with just a single colour; multiple colours are definitely the way to go for her, and they must be able to capture the attention immediately. A perfect example will be our Signature Double Lock Tri-Colour Leather Cuff, where the colors are contrasting and so vibrant!


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