5 Dads We Love

Sun, 2017-06-18

One of our favourite days of the year - Father’s Day - is here! Many a times, fathers are the unsung heroes in their children's lives and, this year, we want to share with you 5 types of dads we love and the people who embody them. Let us know who is your favourite father and which type of dad your own father is! 

#1 The Hands-On Dad

Who: Chris Hemsworth

(Credit: The Daily Mail)

Why: All mothers can attest to this: We all love having an extra pair of hands around when we need help with the kids. Chris Hemsworth is the consummate hands-on dad when he's not busy filming box-office hits - he's always spotted carrying his twins (one in each arm!). Even his wife, Elsa Pataky, raves about how amazing he is with the kids!

#2 The BFF Dad

Who: David Beckham

(Credit: The Telegraph)

Why: Joint tattoos? Chilling together at a pub? Doing stuff together almost everywhere, every time? Everything from charity events to being there for his kid’s mini-marathon, David Beckham has done it all with his 4 children. He is especially close to his eldest son, Brooklyn, with whom he has recently gotten ‘Dad-and-me’ joint tattoos on his 18th birthday - Brooklyn's tribute to his dad. Beckham is practically his kids’ BFF! Now, how cool is that?!

#3 The Stay-At-Home Dad

Who: Robert Herjavec


Why: The Croatian-Canadian business mogul reportedly stayed home for 3 years to care for his 3 children and established a great relationship with them before returning to work. And the most heart-warming part? He absolutely LOVED it - which is why we love him too!

#4 The Humorous Dad

Who: Ryan Reynolds


Why: Undoubtedly the most hilarious celebrity dad, Ryan Reynolds constantly talks about life with his 2 young princesses with the most amusing tweets on his Twitter account. We believe the two young Miss Reynolds are bound to grow up with a great sense of humour with such a witty dad! A tip from us: Remember to prepare some tissues before you read his tweets because you will surely laugh till you cry! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

#5 The Down-to-Earth Dad

Who: Mark Cuban


Why: With a net worth of $3.4 billion, it’s no wonder that the tech mogul and owner of the Dallas Mavericks (NBA team) is afraid that his 3 children will turn out be spoiled privileged kids. But that’s not the case! Daddy Cuban and his wife, Tiffany Stewart, lives by calling themselves ‘middle-class’, and insist that the kids earn for what they want. Looks like they’re on the right track for keeping them grounded.

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