Celebrating Mothers 2017: A Mother's Day Series - Interview with Qierra

Sat, 2017-04-22

This Mother’s Day, the team at Blithe and Merry celebrates the most important women in our lives - our mothers. In our three-part feature, we speak to three ladies about their mothers and motherhood. This week, we have our very own intern, Qierra, in the spotlight, talking about what Mother’s Day is like for her family and how her mum has inspired her in her life.

Blithe & Merry (B&M) : Describe the relationship you have with your mum.

Qierra (Q): My mum and I have always been a contrasting duo in terms of our personalities, but somehow, both of us seem to take on a similar mind-set when it comes to our values and principles. Maybe it’s because we share a lot about our lives to each other, and more often than not, I even tell her more things than what I share with my friends! She has always been like a friend that advises me with her wisdom and we have a great relationship that I wouldn’t trade anything for.

Qierra and her mum at a family gathering when she was a few months old.

B&M: How does your family celebrate Mother’s Day?

Q: My family have always, always celebrated the day dining at a Japanese restaurant during Mother’s Day, it being my mum’s favourite cuisine. When I was younger, I used to make her cards and handwritten letters that she kept neatly in a folder till date to remind my brother and I every Mother’s Day of how much it meant to her. After dinner, my family will take long drive in the car back home and those car rides are my favourite time of the day because we’ll always end up laughing so hard at dad’s jokes that our abdomen hurt!

B&M: How has your mum inspired you in your day-to-day life?

Q: My mum has always been a role model to me because she is really tough and strong. That has taught me to always hustle and grind and never give up on my goals. Keeping that in mind, it really helped me through some of my hurdles whenever I’m faced with a difficult situation in school or at work.

B&M: What is the one important value that your mum has taught you that you would want to pass on to your future child?

Q: There are plenty of lessons that my mum has taught me throughout the course of my childhood, but one of it really stuck on and made a huge impact in my life that I would really wish for my future kids to have. When I had my first heartbreak, my mum sat on my bedside and comforted me for hours. Before I finally gave in to my fatigue and fell asleep, she told me to take things easy, and always be graceful to let it go.

I think that is one of the most important things to practice in life because sometimes things may not always go your way, but if you have the capacity to not dwell on it and take it easy, then you have the choice of being happy, and I really hope my future kids will take on that perspective too.

Mother and daughter road-trippin' in Malaysia.

B&M: What is your favourite memory of you and your mum?

Q: My favourite memory of my mum is more about something she does than a single moment in time. She’s a novice when it comes to cooking, but she will always try her best to come up with a Christmas-themed menu on Christmas Eve so that the whole family can enjoy a home-cooked meal. Now that I’m older, we tend to eat out, but that was one of my favourite memory, to see her cook and anticipating the sumptuous meal.

B&M: In what ways are you and your mum different?

Q: My mum and I have pretty different personalities, but one major difference that we have is when it comes to creativity. You see, she’s an interior designer, so she’s pretty good with artsy stuff. She can create all sorts of beautiful drawings with her hands with minimal corrections. While yours truly, on the other hand, has close to what is considered minimal artistic talent compared to my mum. She’ll be painting landscapes while I’ll be practicing drawing cubes and shapes.

Qierra's mum at a soap-making class - the soaps turned out pretty great!

B&M: Is there anything you wish your mum did differently when you were growing up?

Q: If anything, I would wished she allowed me to have pets. I’m an animal lover, and I still remember how much I yearned for one when I was in secondary school. I really would wished she allowed one at home and teach me how to care for one to cultivate empathy and bring out the nurturing side of me.


B&M: How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day with your mother this year?

Q: This year, we’ll be celebrating in yet another Japanese restaurant (still her favourite after so many years) and celebrate it like all the other years, as she prefers it. But I do plan to get her a bag that she has been eyeing, just to add in a little bit of surprise for her on that special day! I sure hope she’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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