Style Compass: Styling You Through Summer 2017

Wed, 2017-06-14

We know that Singapore only has one season - summer - characterised by sweltering hot weather and high humidity (hello, frizzy hair and melting, sticky make-up), but it is also our favourite season because it heralds fun prints and warm, vibrant colours like sunshine yellow, fuchsia pink, vermillion etc. And now that the official summer season in the fashion world is here, we have all the more reasons to celebrate as we check out the latest summer trends, as spotted on the runways!

Summer Trend #1: Stripes Everywhere

(Pic credit: Curlitalk)

The stripes print has never really gone out of season, in our books, but they are surely front and centre this summer! Stripes are really easy to work with, being minimalistic, and vertical stripes are so flattering on fuller figures, while horizontal stripes create curves on leaner bodies. Plus, the stripe print can be worn for so many different occasions - a striped pantsuit for the office, or a striped tee dress for the weekend - stripes in the appropriate colours elevate your look effortlessly.


Our #OOTD suggestion: a striped jumpsuit with heeled boots, accessorised with our Mini Star Plate Leather Necklace in Mystic Blue.

Summer Trend #2: Full Florals

Flowers are the essence of spring/summer. So it's no surprise that the floral print is perennial favourite for the season! But what's different this year is that, instead of one-piece floral tops or shorts, it's full-body florals that are in trend this summer!

(Pic Credit: Vogue)

Our #OOTD suggestion: a ruffled empire-cut floral cami dress with strappy sandals and accessorised with our Hook Clasp and Triangle Plate Leather Cuff.

Summer Trend #3: Geometric (Yes, really.)

Geometric shapes are commonly used in interior design; think patterned tiles and furniture. And this trend has made its way to fashion. Be it in the form of colour-blocking or the clever arrangement of basic geometric shapes to create a beautiful pattern, this trend is here to stay this summer.

(Pic Credit: Fashionisers)

Our #OOTD suggestion: a fit and flare dress with geometric prints and a pair of brightly-coloured heeled sandals, accessorised with our Signature Lock Single Wrap Leather Cuffs.

Summer Trend #4: Sleeve Slits

With the occasional summer breeze and the sunny season coming our way, slits are the way to go for that extra coolness, just when we need it. And just when we thought we wouldn’t be able to wear long sleeves in this heat, here comes the slits!

(Pic Credit: Elle)

Our #OOTD suggestion: a shift dress with slit sleeves and classic pointed stiletto heels, accessorised with our Signature Double Lock Leather Cuff with Star Plate and Rhinestone.

Summer Trend #5: POLKA DOTS

Coming back from the 1920s to the 1960s, polka dots is another pattern that keeps making its rounds in the fashion world. This season, from Dolce & Gabanna to Givenchy, everyone seems to embrace polka dots. It is hardly a surprise since polka dots were the rave of the town in the retro days!

(Pic Credit: Vogue & Fashionisers)

Our #OOTD suggestion: a cropped top and tulle skirt with strappy heels, accessorised with our Signature Lock Double Wrap Leather Cuff.

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