Style Compass: Styling You Through Our Sample Sale

Wed, 2017-05-10

Blithe & Merry's first ever Sample Sale is now on and the deals are almost too good to be true! If you are hard-pressed to choose from the various styles and designs that we offer, here is a style guide that we've put together to assist you in your sartorial decisions.


Work can be boring and mundane, but your work wear need not be dull too. Our Signature Lock Single Wrap Leather Cuffs comes in 3 chic colours that promise to make your outfit pop!

Monochrome outfits can easily be transformed into a not-so-boring outfit just by adding colours from your accessories and makeup. With the inclusion of our Signature Lock Single Wrap Leather Cuff in Tan and a nude-brown lipstick, notice how the whole outfit looks brighter and less two-dimensional.

If your office culture is a little more fun, play with colours and still look coordinated. A sleek fitted dress in bold colourblocking is balanced out with strappy heels in neutral colours. Compliment your outfit with our Signature Lock Single Wrap Leather Cuff in Fuchsia or Vermillion and other accessories in matching colour tones, and you have an eye-catching and chic look. This outfit takes you from work to play too! Now, who says office outfits can’t be fun?

An Edge Above the Rest

Many of us have a set idea of how "edgy" should look like, but edgy actually comprises creating unexpected outfit combinations and is completely relative to the individual putting together the look. 

Biker jacket? Checked. Fierce boots? Checked. Our kick-ass Snakeskin Embossed Clasp Leather Cuff to go with it? Checked! Now, this is a look we love here at Blithe & Merry. If you are just starting out experimenting with colours, here's a tip: always keep to two or three bold colours and keep the rest in a neutral hue to avoid colour mismatch.

Here's another look we love - chic, sexy, and still feminine. While an edgy chic look is a challenge to coordinate, anyone can pull it off. Take on the challenge by doing a dramatic makeup, paired with some prints on your shoes and bag, and top it off with the perfect accessory, our Bridge Plate Duo-Tone Leather Cuff. This is a coordinate that’s definitely no wallflower. 

Levelling Up Casual

Say "casual" and what comes to mind to many are jeans, T-shirts, denim cut-offs, flip-flops, and the casual list goes on. There are a million ways to dress casual, but how do you casually stand out among the rest?

Here are two entirely different outfits featuring our Signature Lock Double Wrap Leather Cuffs in 2 refreshing colours to showcase how you can be casual and effortlessly chic.


Earthy tones are the best shades to stick to because it never goes out of season - it remains fashionable throughout the year. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to match! Wear a simple dress or romper in khaki, throw on a denim jacket, and accessories with our Signature Lock Double Wrap Leather Cuff in Elfin, and you’re ready to go. The easiest 5-minute coordinate!

Here, we have an outfit comprising one main colour, yet it doesn’t seem over-saturated. The secret to that is to coordinate different shades of a particular colour to enhance the appearance of the whole outfit. This way, your outfit will not just blend in with each other and look monotonous. Instead, it creates interesting layers in your look. Of course, we love throwing on our Signature Lock Double Wrap Leather Cuff in Mystic Blue to complete this outfit.

We hope you've had fun going through these looks with us! Now, it's time to pick out your favourite leather cuffs from our Sample Sale - nothing is above S$100! Ready? Go!

Xoxo, Blithe & Merry Team

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