5 Must-Try Instagram-Worthy Shots for Jewellery

Thu, 2017-07-06

If you are an avid Instagrammer (like us!), chances are that a huge part of your time goes to filling your Instagram feed with plenty of aesthetically-pleasing photos to make your whole profile look amazing. "How difficult is it to just take pictures of things?" some might counter. But they don't know that a great deal of effort goes into creating those ‘masterpieces’! So if you’re thinking of spicing up your profile or just in the mood to try something different, we’re here to present to you 5 must-try Instagram-worthy shots to try for jewellery! And, the best part is that you can try these out with almost anything!

1. The "Organised Mess" Shot

Not a fan of painstakingly arranging every little item to fit the square frame or just plain ol' don’t like organising? This suggestion is perfect for you! All you have to do is to stack and pile up plenty of related items (for example, accessories with other accessories) to make it look as if it’s meant to be an inexplicable art. Just make sure that the star(s) of the picture really stand out among the other items in the photograph.

2. The Candid Shot 

A good tip to appear effortlessly chic in an Instagram-worthy photo is to simply snap a candid! You'll probably have a couple of retakes before you get a shot you are satisfied with, but it'll surely look natural!

It’s that simple to make your featured item the star of the picture!

3. The Hipster Shot

Resting during dinner time? Not us, we don't! Have you ever thought of how you can use the table decorations in the restaurant/café/eatery you're at to your advantage and give your picture that extra boost to capture attention? No table decorations? How about a shot with the menu? At the foodcourt or hawker centre? Get a cup of kopi and make the shot your own. 

The next time you’re heading out, put on your favourite piece of jewellery and try taking some shots with whatever you can use at that time and see magic happen. Because it's usually when our resources are limited that we are the most creative!

4. The Close-Up Shot

Sometimes, some of the best shots are those taken close-up. When there are beautiful details to be shown, capture them and flaunt them.

This is our upcoming gold-plated ring with coloured druzy that we have zoomed in to show the sparkle.

5. The Colour-Coordinated Shot

When colours are well thought-out and coordinated in a photograph, it gives the audience a real treat for the eyes. So it is it extremely important that the colours of your chosen piece of jewellery and the accompanying items complement one another. 

Colour Tip #1 : Black, white and gold creates magic when they are being coordinated together.

Colour Tip #2 : Another great colour combination are dusty pink, camel brown and beige.

Here, we've chosen to stay with a very simple and classic black and white palette, letting the bold hardware on our leather cuff stand out on its own.


We hope you'll try out these shots and let us know what you think! Or do you have other tips that you would like to share? Comment and let us know! For now, let's get our hands busy, creating the ultimate #IGgoals!

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