Bridge Plate Duo-Tone Leather Cuff



The Bridge Plate Duo-Tone Leather Cuff is a great piece for you to showcase your individual style - hook your favourite charms and pendants onto the gold-tone brass bridge plate or layer this statement yet classic piece. Alternatively, wear the cuff as-is for an understated chic look.

Detailed features:

  • Single snap button with two-size fastening
  • Four gold-tone brass round studs
  • Navy blue cowskin suede top strap
  • Burgundy cowskin leather base strap
  • Burgundy cowskin leather lining

**Please take note that Sample Sale items may have some slight imperfections, for example, double stitches, missed stitches, mild scratches etc. Sample Sale items are also non-returnable.


  S M L
Top strap      
Length (in cm) 17 (21) 20 (24) 23 (27)
         (in inches) 6.7 (8.2) 7.9 (9.4) 9.0 (10.6)
Length (in cm) 13.5 16.5 19.5
         (in inches) 5.3 6.5 7.7
Width 4.5cm/1.8inches

+ Measurements in the brackets are the actual length of the top strap. Please use the main measurement to obtain your size.

To find your wrist size, measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone - if you are using a strip of plain paper, mark your size with a pen or pencil then use a ruler to measure the length. Then determine your leather cuff size by adding 0.8cm/0.3inch (for a snug fit) or 1.2cm/0.5inch (for comfort fit) to your wrist size.

*We recommend taking a snug fit for our leather cuffs as they are designed to sit snugly on the wrist. In addition, leather will expand very slightly over time.


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